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Video Meetings

Video meetings are a vital part of modern enterprise communications today. Solutions for video conferencing must be easy to use, reliable and secure, and drive group collaboration and engagement. We base our solutions on Zoom RoomsMicrosoft Teams Rooms, Google Meet and Barco, depending on which systems are already in place and your specific needs.

  • Join anywhere, on any device with high-quality live video
  • Enable quick adoption, making it easy to start, connect and collaborate
  • Share any content, use whiteboard and annotation
  • Ensure robust security and privacy

Video Collaboration Rooms

Convert any meeting space into a powerful video collaboration room. Face-to-face and remote participants require easy to use solutions, hassle-free connections, content sharing, whiteboarding and annotation tools. 

Board, conference, huddle and meeting rooms of all sizes can easily be video-enabled. Even open spaces can be used for online meetings with special devices on mobile stands.

  • Enable video collaboration in any meeting space, including huddle and board rooms
  • Provide a great user experience, with easy to use and hassle-free solutions
  • Share content and whiteboard on any device
  • Integrate with existing video conference rooms


Create engaging online events to reach your audience, from only a few attendees to thousands. A webinar is like a virtual auditorium. A single speaker can easily broadcast it from a laptop, with multiple panelists from different locations.

  • Create online events to reach your audience
  • Control invitations, registration and tracking of attendees
  • Stream the event on YouTube or Facebook for a virtually unlimited audience

Personal Office

All-in-one devices bring an integrated solution for video collaboration in small spaces, such as individual focus rooms, a home office or an executive office.

  • Integrate all video meeting functions in a single device
  • Include content sharing and interactive whiteboarding

Our Approach

Having the right tools is important, but it is essential that these tools are used efficiently and effectively, in order to satisfy your specific goals. At ASEM-Solutions we have the experience to assist you in every step of the process, from defining needs and priorities, to user adoption and evolution.


Understand your needs and priorities
Define business goals and strategy


Select adequate tools
Design customized solutions


Deliver, install, configure and test
Securely integrate with existing systems


Engage your organisation and stakeholders
Train users


Provide user and admin support
Monitor usage and user experience


Review achievements
Identify new objectives

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