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Virtual Classroom

A virtual Classroom connects remote students and teachers with high-quality live video and enhanced collaboration tools, such as shared content, whiteboard, polls and chat. Cooperation and interactivity between teachers and students are boosted by using breakout sessions to stimulate brainstorming in small teams or to work on group assignments.

Participants and teachers can connect to the virtual classroom from anywhere, with any personal device, without the need of a physical classroom.

  • Share any content to / from participants
  • Use whiteboard and annotation
  • Create breakout sessions to work in teams
  • Connect from anywhere with high-quality live video
virtual classroom
Interactive classroom

Interactive Classroom

In an interactive classroom, collaboration and interactivity between the teacher and the students are boosted by digital tools, such as content sharing, electronic whiteboarding, polling and chatting. Remote students can connect to the physical classroom and fully participate in the learning experience. Breakout sessions are used for teamwork, and the classroom can be flipped to let students present their own findings. Sessions can be streamed and recorded. 

We base our solutions on Zoom RoomsMicrosoft Teams Rooms, Google Meet and Barco, depending on which systems are already in place and your specific needs. All solutions can be integrated within the learning platform used at your school or university, as well as with room control and scheduling systems.

  • Boost the learning experience in the physical classroom with digital interaction and collaboration tools
  • Measure interaction and participation
  • Allow remote students to seamlessly connect to the classroom
  • Integrate with your existing systems and learning platforms
  • Stream and record sessions

Virtual Classroom Studio

In a virtual classroom studio, the teacher interacts with the remote students in the most natural way. With multiple screens showing the participants, a big whiteboard and some space to move around, the teacher experience is closer to a traditional classroom. This results in a better learning experience for the students.

A top-quality audiovisual production can be achieved with multiple cameras, lighting, microphones, etc. 

  • familiar environment for the teacher, similar to a physical classroom
  • Participants showed on big screens, even life-size
  • Interaction tools: content share, annotation, polls, chat, etc.
  • The best online teaching and learning experience
virtual classroom studio
breakout room

Breakout Rooms

Connected breakout rooms use video collaboration technology to enhance team working. Groups can meet face-to-face, with remotely connected participants, and even with other groups. Live online connections and content sharing is available for all students and from any device.

  • Enhance teamwork with advanced video collaboration rooms
  • Share any content in the room or remotely
  • Connect with remote participants or other groups

Our Approach

Having the right tools is important, but it is essential to use these tools efficiently and effectively to satisfy your specific goals. At ASEM-Solutions, we have the experience to assist you in every step of the process, from defining needs and priorities to user adoption and evolution.



Understand your needs and priorities
Define business goals and strategy



Select adequate tools
Design customized solutions



Deliver, install, configure and test
Securely integrate with existing systems



Engage your organisation and stakeholders
Train users



Provide user and admin support
Monitor usage and user experience



Review achievements
Identify new objectives

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